RT 5.0.4 upgrade - Can't log in now - Login page just refreshesh

Is anyone experiencing this? I just upgraded from 5.0.2 to 5.0.4, running on nginx and now my login page just cycles. I enter a user name and password & it just takes me back to the login page. I’ve cleared the mason cache but that doesn’t look like it’s helped. Any help?


I turned on debugging in my RT_SiteConfig.pm. I’m getting Successful login for XXX, but the login page simply doesn’t disappear. It just cycles back to the Login page. This didn’t happen in test and now I’ve got production data being added via email. Any ideas? I know this has to be something basic, I just can’t think of what it is.


RT 5.0.4 changes the default setting for the $WebSecureCookies to on. This is most likely the issue based on what you described. You can set it back to the previous default in your RT_SiteConfig.pm file or via the web configuration UI in System Configuration.


Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

Thank you so so much. I knew it was something simple. Thank you!!!


Good to hear that fixed it.

We mentioned it on the beta announcement, but missed it in the actual release post yesterday. I have updated that post to make it easier to find. It’s also noted in the upgrading notes and now this post has some additional details on the symptoms. That should make this update more discoverable now from a few different places.


OMG, finally! Thank you so much! UP!

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I signed up to reply to this. I’m a new user to RT with my company and moving from RT 3.8 to RT5, not having these things in the Installation guide is a pain. This should be added or pinned somewhere!

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I hope this email finds you well

I also have the same problem
I downloaded RT 5.0.4 on Ubuntu 22.04
For the first time I mean , I did not make an update to a previous version
It’s a debut download
I downloaded version 4.0.5 but when I try to enter
In the name of the root does not enter
It keeps coming back to the same page and

I’m also sure of the username and password . No error or anything appears, just the login screen remains the same

Ensure that your application is handling sessions and cookies correctly. Check if there are any changes in the way sessions or cookies are managed between the two versions.