RT 5.0.4 Released

The force is strong with us today as we release RT 5.0.4. bluelightsaberlightsaber

This release contains some key upgrades, some new features, along with various bug fixes. As always, important updates and changes that might impact users are noted in our upgrading documentation. And you can view detailed release notes on our documentation site.

Here are some notable changes in this release:

  • jQuery UI is updated to version 1.13.2 which addresses a security issue in jQuery UI (CVE-2022-31160). This issue does not impact RT directly as RT does not currently use the impacted code.

  • RT now uses GraphViz2, fixing problems with installing the original GraphViz module, which has been removed from CPAN.

  • We updated several other dependencies in addition to GraphViz2, so some older Perl modules are no longer needed, but some new ones are. As part of upgrading, you will need to run make fixdeps and install or upgrade some Perl modules.

  • MySQL 8 is now supported.

  • There are some database updates, so make sure you have a known, good DB backup (always a good idea anyway).

  • The WebSecureCookies option is now defaulted to “on”. If you run your RT inside a closed network or in some other configuration that doesn’t require SSL, you’ll need to set this to “off” for your system. If you can’t log in after upgrading, this is probably the issue.

Additional information is also available on our blog.

You can download the new versions here:


SHA-256 sums

916d870d22d92027f843798be6f880aaf1517aebc3f6ab25f456f4e772f4834d  rt-5.0.4.tar.gz
191436164473423796c7b34cfe4cc8891d2fd1db8bef5584d34f50083bd3396e  rt-5.0.4.tar.gz.asc

And May the Fourth be with you!