RT 5.0.4 beta1 Available for Testing

RT 5.0.4 beta1 is now available for testing. This release contains some key upgrades, some new features, along with various bug fixes. You can view release notes on our documentation site:

RT 5.0.4 beta 1 release notes

Below is the link to the beta release. Here are some notable changes in this release:

  • We updated several dependencies, so some older Perl modules are no longer needed, but some new ones are. As part of upgrading, you will need to run make fixdeps and install or upgrade some Perl modules.

  • There are some database updates, so if you are testing, make sure you have a known, good DB backup.

  • MySQL 8 is now supported. We would love to get feedback from people testing upgrades to MySQL 8.

  • The WebSecureCookies option is now defaulted to “on”. If you run your RT inside a closed network or in some other configuration that doesn’t require SSL, you’ll need to set this to “off” for your system. If you can’t log in after upgrading, this is probably the issue.

You can see some details on the above and other bigger changes in the UPGRADING-5.0 notes.

We appreciate your help testing out these new releases. As with previous releases, you can report any issues in our public RT instance or post here for discussion.


SHA-256 sums

3a2015018fd562a7dcf1a674914e94b65bc25947bcee7e3e17ced62a52381c87  rt-5.0.4beta1.tar.gz
faab181cb6686908edb5b085d2ca595a3f71f65cbfd6b0e08a504072afa1675c  rt-5.0.4beta1.tar.gz.asc