One of the custom field is coming twice while resolving a ticket

Hi ,
One of the custom field is coming twice while resolving a ticket.The custom field applies to only 3 queues.
Please let me know if anyone faced the same issue.

Is it a custom field that is mandatory per RT::Extension::MandatoryOnTransition?

Yes Craig,
The code is like :slight_smile:
Set( %MandatoryOnTransition,
‘Queue namet’ => {
‘* -> resolved’ => [‘TimeWorked’, ‘CF.Rate this Ticket’],

What does that mean and how to fix it?

Mandatory on transition displays custom fields on their appropriate transitions in this case anything going to resolved the extension will add ‘Rate this ticket’ to the ticket update page. I assume the RT::Extension::CustomFieldsOnUpdate extension is also adding this custom field on update. Hence the duplicated custom field inputs.

Ok,The custom field is coming fine while only replying/ commenting. But on resolve it comes twice. SO Do I need to remove it from the which is defined inside MandetoryOnTransiton .

Then it won’t be mandatory for a user to resolve the ticket to also need to fill out that custom field, if that is alright then you can remove it from the config.

Ok Thanks !. That is a great information. But cannot we add a custom field as Mandatory without having two times reflected in the application

Both extensions are doing their jobs so without changing the extension the behavior will persist. There is the option to add some JavaScript to just hide one of the duplicate values. When there are two values does the ticket still update correctly? If you inspect the ticket update page on resolve do the duplicate custom fields have the same input name value?

The thing is we are getting two custom fields at the same time. This is a list. So if we are clicking on the radio button of that custom field to give a value the value is being updated on the other custom field and vice versa. We cannot update both the custom fields at the same time. It is taking one value but from the alternate one only.

See this:

You can get rid of the other extension since this config option does the same thing.

Yeah I have that already installed…

Yes I know, do you have that config option enabled?

Can you please say me where to enable it in RT_Siteconfig. Pm right?

You can put the config option anywhere in the file RT isn’t picky about the line

Can you tell me the configuration line.

Hey Craig,
Could you please tell me the exact configuration line. That will be helpful.

That is what the last link I sent is to

I have added
Set( $ShowAllCustomFieldsOnMandatoryUpdate , 1);
also I set it to 0 .it is not working

Did you also remove the other extension that displays custom fields on update?

No,As I feel the other extension custmfieldonupdate has other functionality. I installed it to achieve some feature.