One of the custom field is coming twice while resolving a ticket

I installed it to achieve some feature.

What feature?

On resolving the mandatory field was not working, it was not taking value for the custom field. SO I updated the customfieldsonUpdate extension

What happens when you disable the custom field on update extension?

When i disable that, one of the mandatory field is not properly working. That is if we are not giving value in that custom field while updating, it is updating the ticket. But it should show like ‘input is mandatory’.

It sounds like the config hash is not set correctly to make your custom field mandatory

What do you mean by Config Hash. I have pasted here a piece of code here earlier, what I have coded in

Set( %MandatoryOnTransition,
‘Queue namet’ => {
‘* -> resolved’ => [‘TimeWorked’, ‘CF.Rate this Ticket’],

Is the queue name correct in your site config? is the correct configuration

Could you please let me know, how to get rid of that.