Slowness RT, slowly display tickets

Good Morning.

We have problem with slowness RT (5.0.2). When privileged user without permission “SuperUser”, the user login in to RT so loading main dashboard spent about 40 second and privileged user with permission “SuperUser” spent about 5 second. And next for all privileged user when user click to queue so loading is about 30 second (50 tickets per page).

We have two virtual servers (VMware), first for web, and second for DB. Web server is Alma Linux8, apache24 + mod_fcgid + oracle instant client 12.2. DB is oracle DB 12.2. Now we have copies of production servers, so there are no user, so hw consumption is very low, and problem is still. In the log we do not see any errors.

So we try:

  • add more HW resource (RAM, CPU), but not change
  • reinstal oracle instnat client to other version (from 12.2 to 11.2 and 19.15)
  • run over apache24+mod_php or rt-server
  • backup/recovery database
  • next …

I try logging statementlog and debug Mason log. The statementlog is ok, time is low, but in the mason log I see more delay (for me), there example (more retry statement with a similar time):
=Mason= localhost - /Elements/ShowPrincipal {{{
=Mason= localhost - /Elements/ShowPrincipal {{{
=Mason= localhost - /Elements/ShowUser {{{
=Mason= localhost - /Elements/ShowUser }}} 0.0056
=Mason= localhost - /Elements/ShowPrincipal }}} 0.0064
=Mason= localhost - /Elements/ShowPrincipal }}} 0.2518

=Mason= localhost - /autohandler }}} 27.4829
=Mason= localhost - /Search/Results.html }}} ENDS

I think The problem is somewhere in code in RT or compatibility with Oracle DB 12.2. But I do not known, please can you help me?

We have similar issues, I have a detailed post here RT5 high RAM usage - #5 by Marcant, Could you please compare and check if there are any similarities ? We have made the issue bearable by hiding the admin menu. Unfortunately, it is not a full solution and the issue is definitely there. We also provided the machine with 6 GB of RAM.

I think your problem is not similar. I am not problem with RAM consumption Now I have 12GB RAM for web server, but it is for testing, before i had 6 GB RAM and it was sufficient. We have standard configuration with apache (prefork) and mod_fcgid, We have about sixty active user (privileged user), about 30 queue and every queue have own group as AdminCc. Rules have applied on group. Only admin users have the privilege “SuperUser”, and they can see admin menu, others users are not “SuperUser” and so not see admin menu.

We had a similar problem and I wished I had kept better notes. Dashboards would come back lickety-split for super users because the RT system didn’t run multiple joins agains the transaction table(?) to check permissions. Non-supes had to wat 30+seconds for each search on the dashboard.

In the end we cleaned up user permissions for the non-supes so that fewer joins were triggered.

I would use ‘show processlist’ on the MySQL server while loading dashboards in RT as a non-supe. I could track my progress with fewer and fewer joins each time.