RT instance <--> RT instance selection replication

Does RT support (RT) <–> (RT) replication on a queue per queue basis?

We have always wanted to run multiple instances of RT isolated to either teams or special workflows somewhere out there.

Primarily we want to isolate specific clients and workflows that are outward facing (and exposed to the internet) from internal facing groups and workflows that deal with private business processes.

It would be really convenient for management to have a master RT instance that subscribe to to other RT instances and see progress of everything in one place while keeping different teams and user groups isolated from each other.

I looked in the documentation, on these forums and searched the net and I am not finding any references to such a thing.

Can someone comment if this exists/doesn’t exist and if any related feature in RT exists that could be re-purposed or extended programmatically to gain this functionality?


So long as the names of the RTs ( the value that gets added to the email subject ) are different there shouldn’t be an issue.

You just have to make sure that a mail loop isn’t created between the two RTs talking to each other

Ahhhh … I see what you are saying. Thanks, we will try that.

And just after I read your post this pops up: Multiple Request-Tracker instances communicates to each other

Thanks you very kindly.