Multiple Request-Tracker instances communicates to each other


I try to found something related topic but was not able to find one. I’ve probably a simple-to-solve issues with two RT 4.4.3 instances. Both could sometimes communicate to each other and unfortunately they could confused about the ticket numbers in the Subjects: [A #25] or [B #25] both system belong the ticket number belongs to each other. What could be the simplest way to solve that? Tried out some stuff like ‘fsck_com_rt’ but I’m not sure if that is the right way. Additionally, sometimes try to ping-pong mails to each other (but I guess that’s something I take care).

I appreciate some help :slight_smile:

Could you overlay the existing ParseTicketId method in lib/RT/Interface/ and add some of your own code that either checks the incoming email subject or checks the headers of the incoming email for some indication that a ticket already exists in your RT?

Hi knation, thank you very much. You brought my to the right place. ParseTicketId use the configuration $ExtractSubjectTagMatch, which is probably enough to modify :slight_smile:

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You should have different EmailSubjectTagRegex values (rtname if not set). One instance will only pick tickets containing “[A #xxx]” and the other those with “[B #yyy]”. This works out of the box and is a normal working condition between ticketing systems.