RT and encrypted subject support

I’m contacting you because the popular email client thunderbird starts this week to be upgraded to version 78 in all debian/ubuntu based system.

Thunderbird 78 is replacing Enigmail with a build-in system which encrypt by default the subject into the email.

For our ticketing system (RT4) this means a lot of ticket will not be processed automatically because RT does not support autocrypt and the GPG plugin is not able to decrypt the subject line.

Would be great to know if there’s any workaround for this to be able to parse the subject line for RT.

Another way would be to know - from the RT developers - if there’s any interest in autocrypt implementation as asked in (Autocrypt support / troubles with Enigmail 2.0)

or if there’s any interest on solving this issue which I think is related to RT::Crypt::GnuPG RT plugin.

Please let us know if you have any info.