Autocrypt support / troubles with Enigmail 2.0

Hey there,

I’m Vincent, part of the Autocrypt effort, an independent spec that seeks to automate most key management tasks for the user in end-to-end crypto on top of OpenPGP. Among others, support for Autocrypt is included in Enigmail since the 2.0 release.

We have received some feedback from users of RT that there were bad interactions between RT and Autocrypt, which could only be resolved by disabling Autocrypt in Enigmail. I just tried to test this on the demo app, but mails didn’t go through at all. If anyone else experienced this issue with the latest Enigmail, or has a setup to do a quick test here, I’d be grateful for a more detailed error report.

Of course, we’d also love to see RT getting support for Autocrypt - since OpenPGP support is already there, it should be super simple to do! Feel free to reach out to us if any questions in this regard come up.

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