RT 5.0.7 beta1 Available for Testing

After the recent release of RT 5.0.6, we received some reports of unexpected behavior with some lifecycles features. After investigating, we discovered some bugs in the new lifecycles improvements. The bugs were revealed once people started testing with more complex lifecycles on live RT systems. We also found some unintended restrictions on loading lifecycle configurations from files, which would prevent lifecycles in extensions from working as expected.

These bugs were annoying enough that we have decided to quickly release an update so users can avoid running into these issues. Although it contains a small set of updates, we’re releasing a beta to give the community a chance to test a bit more in case there are some other bugs lurking still.

If you have the time, we would really appreciate any testing you could do on this new beta release. If you have complicated lifecycles, working with the lifecycle admin interface in the web UI would be most helpful. On a test system, all of the following would help: modify some lifecycles, add statuses, remove them, add new lifecycles, update lifecycle maps, try deleting a lifecycle, load a lifecycle from an extension (like RT-Extension-Helpdesk), really anything related to the lifecycle admin UI. If you’re adventurous and can stick to correct JSON formatting, try editing the lifecycle and mappings directly on the Advanced page.

We’ll leave the beta out for a week or so and see if we get any additional reports from your testing. Also feel free to report other issues that are not related to lifecycles, but that seem new to you.

The new beta is available here:


SHA-256 sums:

cd4b1435c0177dd587e528f1a4a26580cc7490dbb2f4493a16e629059e1942e8  rt-5.0.7beta1.tar.gz
ad9d8c69e78557b20d81032074ac5c056289e1e9228fc495934eb8411dd3fb6b  rt-5.0.7beta1.tar.gz.asc