RT 5.0.6 Released

Following Star Wars Day and Cinco de Mayo, we thought May 6th needed something special, so we’re happy to release RT 5.0.6 today (5/6). As always, our documentation site has notes on upgrading from earlier versions and detailed release notes.

This release includes various updates, fixes, and new features. There is one new configuration option
that can enforce strict browser caching, which could be useful if your RT stores sensitive information. See the release notes for details. Other notable changes include inline edit for assets and chart support for assets and transactions.


SHA-256 sums

b556bedd2b4a356ec9f54eb673ff250ae9100347a04d11e34637e3fdd3efdddb rt-5.0.6.tar.gz
783d633f62efaff18fc352c6ccbfa2f9f58408eb22e820885e1ed517a2ba8978 rt-5.0.6.tar.gz.asc