RT 4.4.4 docs online

I see that the RT 4.4.4 documentation is online now. I assume that means a new 4.4.4 release is coming down the turnpike soon? Looks like GDPR support is a big thing, which is great news.


You are correct, I just posted the release notes for RT 4.4.4 beta 1. Let us know what you think of the new GDPR features.

Excellent news, these GDPR are welcome, and were asked by a company we’re working with.
The new passwords features, and anonymization are the most necessary parts.

One last missing feature for the passwords is a “one-time” password for the password sent by email in clear text on first user ticket submission, which should be changed after the first login…

I see the MariaDB support now has been limited to versions 10.0 and 10.1. There is no further information about why this is. Can you shed some light on it: does 10.2 not work or has limitations? And will it be supported in future releases? Many thanks!

I’m assuming its related to the MySQL 8 issue of groups becoming a reserved word.

We use DBD::mysql to interface with MariaDB and up to version 10.1 that works fine. We have seen issues with the newer versions of MariaDB with that DB driver.

Looking at the Changes for recent versions, I see notes that some issues with 10.2 and 10.3 have been fixed, but we haven’t had a chance to test yet. Also, these new versions typically won’t be available as packages yet, so you would need to grab the latest from CPAN.

It’s likely we’ll add support for these newer versions in the future as they become more commonly used and as other parts of the ecosystem provide support as well.