RT 4.4.2 release candidate 3

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the third release candidate for RT 4.4.2. This release candidate addresses two small regressions since 4.4.1.

See the 4.4.2rc1 announcement at RT 4.4.2 release candidate 1 for a list of changes to be included in 4.4.2; what follows is only the new changes in rc3 since rc2.


SHA-256 sums

c55e4d43cf7f75686ba6ef7543a0623d85e8498a54ce2fe6c67e394516d62831  rt-4.4.2rc3.tar.gz
d9f6852cc1dd648ec49b16c789499e91648484a6a5a4f78ba68cf781a217f8be  rt-4.4.2rc3.tar.gz.asc

Shawn M Moore, for Best Practical

  • Fix “hide unset custom fields” from hiding custom fields with a value
  • Address possible error when attempting to log in with an incorrect password