RT 4.0.25 release candidate 1

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the first release candidate for RT 4.0.25. This release addresses several bugs in RT 4.0. Please be aware that we intend for the 4.0.25 release to be the final release of the RT 4.0 series. A complete list of improvements is available at https://docs.bestpractical.com/release-notes/rt/4.0.25rc1.


SHA-256 sums

f9ac08fdbfabf47e199d1f4aeab1b20b6d6082cde0541f15939f3a1e92d542f6  rt-4.0.25rc1.tar.gz
b3aaaaa9871e3994f54df149fc4282feeda1950a657f48dae726caf1e03b624d  rt-4.0.25rc1.tar.gz.sig

Shawn M Moore, for Best Practical