RT 4.0.25 release candidate 3

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the third release candidate for RT 4.0.25. This release candidate addresses two small regressions in 4.0.25rc2.

Please be aware that we intend for the 4.0.25 release to be the final release of the RT 4.0 series. See the 4.0.25rc1 announcement at RT 4.0.25 release candidate 1 for a list of changes to be included in 4.0.25; what follows is only the new changes in rc3 since rc2.


SHA-256 sums

b03e65584d769d2379f19fd83dce887e5fc0decbc67f717d46045b180da2a4ce  rt-4.0.25rc3.tar.gz
16eaf3504d6434ce8e23a322a83021d8006e9119712f6f3fc4498a5aa5a2d11a  rt-4.0.25rc3.tar.gz.sig

Shawn M Moore, for Best Practical

  • Address possible error when attempting to log in with an incorrect

  • Avoid unnecessarily regenerating user password hash on login

I had thought that 4.0 was EOL?

It is; this will be the final 4.0 release. We wanted to ship the latest round of security fixes for users who aren’t immediately able to upgrade to a new major series.

Ah, well that’s nice of you :slight_smile: