Prev/Next ticket navigation disappears from menu after resolving a ticket

I recently upgraded our RT instance from 4.0.25 to 4.4.5 and one of the problems reported to me was the Prev/Next navigation links no longer working sometimes. (The First/Prev/Next/Last items in the Search > Tickets menu, which was the Tickets menu in 4.0.) I’ve tracked it down to happening after resolving a ticket – the navigation works until you resolve a ticket, after which the links disappear.

The Current Search link in the Search > Tickets menu still works, so it hasn’t completely lost context. It’s annoying though because our workflow in some queues (automated reports, bascially) is:

  1. Read a ticket and optionally comment is there’s something to make a note of.
  2. If nothing else needs doing, resolve the ticket.
  3. Go to the next ticket and repeat.

Now (in 4.4), we can’t just click “next” but have to go back to the search results, find the next ticket in the list, etc.

This seems like a regression. It appears that someone else had the same issue a few years ago but never got any response. As they note, it seems that the bug is triggered after changing the ticket’s status. After commenting or replying without changing status, the navigation links are still there.