Perm Requestors/CCs/AdminCC being unchecked when adding recipients

We’ve started seeing this bug in our RT 4.4.2 install. I can’t tell if it’s a Firefox bug, an RT bug, or an RT Plugin bug (‘RT::Extension::CustomFieldsOnUpdate’). I’m trying to reproduce the bug reliably but am having trouble doing so.

Something on the page is causing the “All Recipients” checkbox to be cleared during a Reply. We’ve had users reporting they weren’t receiving email updates, but could see the updates if they went to view the ticket.

Has anyone else seen this?

It appears it is the CustomFields plugin. I just wrote a Reply, and changed our ticket “Status” and it has cleared the “All Recipients” checkbox.

It could possibly be related to this issue reported in August '17 - 4.4.2: Problem when checking One-Time CCs recipients

I’ve worked out what triggers it (or at least one way TO trigger it). I have the CustomField plugin added. If I don’t enter text into the Reply field, everything is fine. However, if I enter a Reply FIRST and THEN alter the Custom Fields to the right, that seems to clear the recipients at the bottom.

I have reported a bug on the Plugin page.