Other teams practices for managing CC: list

Hi Guys,

Just curious what others do with the CC: list and communicating to an external team of users. My tickets start with a requestor, and commonly add other requestor team members to the CC: list of the ticket.

When I communicate out from the ticket, everyone gets a copy of the email but they don’t know each other are recipients so they commonly re-CC everyone back in.

What do others do to manage this? Can you alter the templates to include a banner or footer informing all recipients of the Requestor and CC: list?

Just wondering what others do :slight_smile:


we have a footer in the correspondence template,

Email recipients / WBS

Requestors: {$Ticket->RequestorAddresses}
CCs: {$Ticket->CcAddresses}
WBS: {$Ticket->CustomFieldValuesAsString(‘WBS’, Separator => ’ ')}

In the past I have set the auto reply template to tell people that their email to our system generates a dynamic mailing list and other people may be added to the thread without their knowledge.

This is probably the most confusing aspect of RT with respect to end-users. It’s a fairly regular occurrence that someone says “you mentioned Bob but he is not on this email…”



By default RT will send separate emails to the TO and CC recipients, leaving TO field empty for the emails sent to CC recipients. To change the above behavior you should disable all correspondence related default scrips and created a new one with the below options :

Condition : On Correspond
Action : Notify Owner, Requestors, Ccs and AdminCcs
Template : Correspondence in HTML