"On Create, Notify CCs" when ticket created via email not working

I recently realized that when a new ticket is created via an email, RT does not send notifications to addresses in the CC. However when a new ticket is created from the Web UI, the configured scrip “On Create, Notify CCs” works fine.

The logs always show that RT is “Commiting Scrip #…” but no email is sent out. There are no error/warning logs to stderr as well.

Is this the default functionality or is something broken in my installation. And how can make RT send out emails notification to all CC’ed addresses when a new ticket is created via email?

I am running RT 4.4.2 new install.

Try to read this topic No email to admin on ticket created in GUI

May be it will help

Seems to be not exactly the same problem as mine in the topic you give, Anton, but a question to ums : where is the Cc you indicate ? On the queue or given at the creation time of the ticket by gui ?

Reading the topic shared by Anton_Smirnov actually helped. Thanks :slight_smile:. I thought the “On Create Notify CC” scrip would actually read the CC’ed addresses in the new incoming email and and then send them a notification… I was wrong. It looks into the CC users in the queue’s watchers list.

Now that I am clear on this; How can I make RT send a notification to the addresses in the CC field of a an email that created a new ticket?.. the likes of (Hi, A colleague of yours created a ticket with regarding the subject matter so and so…)

  1. Create template
    Template name: MyTemplateName1
    Template body:
    To: {
    my %txn_addresses = %{$Transaction->Addresses};
    my @req_addresses = split /,/, $Ticket->RequestorAddresses;
    my @one_time_Ccs;

    foreach my $addr ( keys %txn_addresses) {
    next if ( grep {$addr eq $_} @req_addresses );
    push @one_time_Ccs,$addr;
    my $To = join ", ", @one_time_Ccs;

    Hi, A colleague of yours created a ticket with regarding the subject matter so and so…

2.Create Scrip
Condition: On Create
Action: NotifyOtherRecipients
Template: MyTemplateName1

This seems to be the same issue as this one:

The problem is easily fixed, but I still wonder why this is not fixed in
RT itself.