No email to admin on ticket created in GUI

after searching and searching in the forum, I’ve not found why, when creating a ticket in the GUI, the admins are not notified by email. Details :
when a ticket is created by email, the requestor AND the admin (root) are notified. The revelant log :

[14067] [Mon Oct 2 09:38:02 2017] [info]: #206/4782 - Scrip 7 On Create Autoreply To Requestors (/opt/rt4/sbin/…/lib/RT/Action/
[14067] [Mon Oct 2 09:38:02 2017] [info]: sent To: (/opt/rt4/sbin/…/lib/RT/Action/
… (scrip 8) …
[14067] [Mon Oct 2 09:38:02 2017] [info]: #206/4782 - Scrip 9 On Create Notify Ccs (/opt/rt4/sbin/…/lib/RT/Action/
[14067] [Mon Oct 2 09:38:02 2017] [info]: sent To: (/opt/rt4/sbin/…/lib/RT/Action/

if this ticket is created by a user directly in the GUI, only an email is sent to the requestor. Revelant log :

[14067] [Mon Oct 2 10:02:05 2017] [info]: #207/4815 - Scrip 7 On Create Autoreply To Requestors (/opt/rt4/sbin/…/lib/RT/Action/
[14067] [Mon Oct 2 10:02:05 2017] [info]: sent To: (/opt/rt4/sbin/…/lib/RT/Action/
… (scrip 8) …
[14067] [Mon Oct 2 10:02:05 2017] [info]: #207/4815 - Scrip 9 On Create Notify Ccs (/opt/rt4/sbin/…/lib/RT/Action/
[14067] [Mon Oct 2 10:02:05 2017] [info]: No recipients found. Not sending. (/opt/rt4/sbin/…/lib/RT/Interface/

The scrips used seem to be the same, but in one case it find a “CC” (but where ?..) and not on the other case.
The problem is, that admins are not connected all the time on RT so some tickets are not treated in time !
This is the same if the ticket was created in the GUI and the user add a comment (or an answer) just after the creation of ticket.
Is there a way to force a mail to admins, for example, as long as the ticket has no owner (“Nobody in particular”) ?


When you create ticket in GUI what user is logged on?
As I remember, RT does not notify actors by default.

Hi Anton,
this is the user (not admin) who then becomes the requestor for his ticket.
The thing I don’t understand, this is why (and where) this scrip 9 find a Cc when it is created by mail, but not by the gui ? Understanding that could help me to create/tune/modify scrip 9 or a custom one.

Hm… Very strange…
It’s hard to imagine. Could you send some screenshots:

  1. Open Scrip 9 On Create Notify Ccs and screen it
  2. Open any ticket created by mail, go to ModifyPeople tab and screen it

Here it is. The scrip 9 is the default one in RT4, no modification.

For the first ticket 215 “ticket by email”, an automatic email was sent to the requestor, AND our admin (“support” list forwarded to each tech) received a mail just containing

Ticket URL:

(but we don’t need more than that !) even if it don’t appear in Ccs. The only address in “requestors” and “all recipients” is the address of the user.

For the second 216 “ticket by gui”, no mail to “support”, only the requestor got the automatic email.

As you can see, the screens “People” are stricktly identical…
You’re right : very strange… Don’t you have the same behavior ?

No, we don’t have such magic )

Tickets 215 and 216 are in the same Queue?

One more. Please, go to Queue administration page and look for watchers there{QueueId}

Anton you pointed the right thing. The magic words were “same Queue”.
In fact, yes : the final tickets are in the same queue, but created by email, it is created first in General before being transfered by a custom scrip in the user’s default queue.
And … Yes : General has a CC to the admin :slight_smile:

Now I understand, I’ll can find a workaround. Tahnks and sorry for the wasted time !

You are welcome =)
Glad to help

For those with the same problem :
I’ve just added a scrip+template as described here : How do I send special notification to non-watchers on ticket creation ? - IS&T Contributions - Hermes

And now our admins receive a mail at creation time, by mail and by gui.