Make Bulk Update more bulky

Ive got a problem where I created 50000 tickets from a flapping email undeliverable message.

Ive went to the queue’s bulk update section but im only able to update about 100 tickets at a time.

There are currently 1015 pages of unneeded tickets. How can I update more of these then 100 at a time?

Also - Any advise on handling undeliverable mail messages? Should I create a rule on the mailbox or add some config to the rt server?

Many thanks in advance.

I would try using the shredder from the command line


Thank you for the suggestion and link. Looks like its a pretty powerful tool.

The syntax is a bit confusing and mysql/databases have never been my strong suit.

Do you know the syntax of the shred command to delete a range of tickets? i.e. 50 - 50000 :blush:

Im sure this is a common problem and hope its and easy answer. Thanks again in advance.

The easiest way is to generate some TicketSQL using the built in RT Query Builder to find just the tickets you want to delete. You’ll need to do this because we don’t know what queues, etc you have in your RT installation. Check that query you build finds just the tickets you want gone - no more, no less. Check and double check this before proceeding.

Once you’re absolutely sure that the Query Builder query you have made finds the tickets you want to get rid of, use the command:

rt-shredder --sqldump unshred.sql --plugin 'Tickets=query,<insert your SQL here>"'

replacing <insert your SQL here> with the TicketSQL shown in the Query Builder advance view. The --sqldump option is a useful safety net. It generates a file called unshred.sql that you can squirt back into the database to put things back as they were if you do find that, despite your careful checking of the SQL results before running the rt-shredder command, you’ve nuked some tickets you shouldn’t have.

Of course if you’re uncomfortable doing this you can always contact those terribly nice Best Practical folk to see about paying for support and help.