Logout with mod_auth_cas

I use mod_auth_cas for authentication to request tracker 4.4.1.
It works except when I try to logout.
When I log out, I have logout page of RT and I’m redirected to the logout page of my CAS.
But If I come back to RT, I’m log in automatically.
The session is over only if I close my browser.
Is there a way to logout of my session with mod_auth_cas or clear my mod_auth_cas cookie?


Are still logged after visiting /NoAuth/Logout.html ?

I don’t think so but I’m not sure.
I’ve the logout page :

And few seconds after, my sso logout :

If I don’t close my browser and I go to the url of my RT, I’m logged in without writing my sso username / password :

Hello Alexandre,

Do you resolve your Logout ‘CAS’ with RT, i have the same problem.

Thanks in advance

Yes, now it works !!!

Hello Cool,

Can you give me your solution ?

Kind regards

Do you have some erros in .log ? (apache, rt)

Yes in error.log (apache)
Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/share/perl5/Apache2/AuthCASSimple.pm line 32.

Can you send me your Logout.html ?

> <& /Elements/Header, Title => loc('Logout'), Refresh => RT->Config->Get('LogoutRefresh') &>
> </div>

> <div id="body" class="login-body">
> <div id="login-box">

> <&| /Widgets/TitleBox, title => loc('Logged out'), hideable => 0 &>
> <p><&|/l&>You have been logged out of RT.</&>

> <br />
> <br />
> <a href="<% RT->Config->Get('WebPath') %>/"><&|/l&>You're welcome to login again</&></a>.
> </&>

> % $m->callback( %ARGS );

> </div></div>
> <& /Elements/Footer, Menu => 0 &>

> % $m->abort();

> <%INIT>
> my $URL = RT->Config->Get('WebPath')."/";

> # Allow a callback to modify the URL we redirect to, which is useful for
> # external webauth systems
> $m->callback( %ARGS, CallbackName => 'ModifyLoginRedirect', URL => \$URL );

> $m->callback( %ARGS, CallbackName => 'BeforeSessionDelete' );

> if (keys %session) {
>     RT::Interface::Web::InstantiateNewSession();
>     $session{'CurrentUser'} = RT::CurrentUser->new;
> }

> $m->callback( %ARGS, CallbackName => 'AfterSessionDelete' );
> $m->notes->{RefreshURL} = $URL;
> </%INIT>

Thanks a lot :wink:

Do you use mod_auth_CAS or Apache2::AuthCASSimple ?

Here is my conf apache2 for AuthCASSimple, do you the have the same things ?


AuthType Apache2::AuthCASSimple PerlAuthenHandler Apache2::AuthCASSimple PerlSetVar CASServerName auth.univ-littoral.fr PerlSetVar CASServerPath /cas PerlSetVar CASSessionTimeout 360 PerlSetVar CASSessionDirectory /tmp PerlSetVar HTTPSServer 1 require valid-user *************************************************************************

I use mod_auth_cas. Did you try it ?

I am working with Mr Lebegue on setting up RT.
Is it possible to get Apache configuration files in mod auth_cas


auth_cas.conf :
CASCookiePath /var/cache/httpd/mod_auth_cas/
CASLoginURL https://sso.xxx.xx/cas/login
CASValidateURL https://sso.xxx.xx/cas/serviceValidate
CASDebug Off
CASVersion 2
CASSSOEnabled On

Hello Alexandre,

Thanks a lots with mod_auth_cas, it’s work well :wink:


thank’s a lot for your answers.
Thanks again for your help.


You’re welcome :wink: ____________

HI alexander,

Im just upgraded mine to v.4.4.2 but no data found when im going to create user, groups and queue access.

can you help me with this one

Im providing you screenshot

thanks in advance


Have you got some errors in the files .log ?


No i didnt get some errors in the files log during installation.

Did i missed something in my installation?