Installing RTIR on RT 4.4.4

Hello Guys,
I have installed RT 4.4.4 on CentOS7, now i want to install RTIR module on top of the install. Following the official documentation, RTIR 4.0.1 Documentation for installing RTIR on RT version 4.4.1 or later, the first step is running the command “# perl Makefile.PL”. My problem or rather question is how to get this makefile cause its not in the default install files for RT v 4.4.4. Any help or pointers to the correct way of doing this is highly appreciated.

RTIR is an extension so the Makefile should be in the extension source, I assume that is where the README install instructions are for RTIR? If you don’t have that RTIR is on Github:

@knation Thanks, Downloaded RTIR extension and it installed fine.

@knation hello, After installing RTIR, selecting on any of the RT menu items for instance “Queue” am prompted with the error " An internal RT error has occurred. Your administrator can find more details in RT’s log files."
Any insights?

What does it say in the log files?

@G.Booth Hello,
From the " /opt/rt4/etc/" config file, I have set logging as shown:
Set($LogToFile, undef);
Set($LogDir, q{var/log});
Set($LogToFileNamed, “rt.log”); #log to rt.log
But checking on /var/log I cannot find any RT logs, any insights on the logs maybe?

Is the user able to write to the log location? Try setting it to tmp and see if you get anything. Also might be worth checking your webserver error logs

You don’t have a leading / in the LogDir setting.

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So apparently the Issue was SELINUX Lol!!
But let me try setting the log file though …

@G.Booth Webserver logs helped in this case actually. Thats where my RT logs were located.