Images in Email

Is there a current fix to images not being shown in emails? I’ve seen this
but it doesnt seem to be avaiable anymore.

RT seems to be making a cid link for said images but outlook can’t access the image through the link and this displays.

Hi @randommantis

there is no fix any more because it is integrated in the source. Nothing left to fix. (IMHO)
Which version of RT are you using? We’ve 4.4.6 and 5.0.4. There are no problems with images in Outlook an OWA with Exchange-Server.

Maybe it is an outlook issue.
What about other email-clients?
Is there a securitiy-policy stripping certain images?
Do you see the attachment itself? So the problem is viewing it inline.

I am using 5.0.4, the image comes in as an inline image but you cant save or copy it, its a sort of gray box. We do have the outlook BlockHTTPImages but RT is an internal system so the images shouldn’t be getting blocked.

The image is an attachment to the mail. So u should see image as attachment regardless of seeing it inline.

Unfortunealy in Outlook you cannot see the message source, only the microsoft interpretation. I recommend to test another client.

The word “should” is not useful when searching for a problem :wink:

The Internet-Option (of OS or Internet-Explorer) “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” is often a reason Outlook does not show images inline.

In my opinion the mail generated by RT is a correct multipart-message, if you did not change the defaults.
So i would concentrate on Microsoft-Products and security-software touching the mail.