How to make ticket visible for people in Cc on selfservice portal?


People as Cc of a ticket cant see the ticket in the selftservice portal.

I have try to adjust right “SeeQueue” and “watch” for the group “Cc” but it dont work.
I think i missing something like “WatchAsCc”, but i dont see anykind of right who can do that.

Any idea on what i missing?

I have follow the workarround on this thread:

Add the right “ShowTicket” for the Cc group.
Modify the file /opt/rt5/share/html/SelfService/Elements/MyRequests

Change the line:
$SortByRole => ‘Requestor’ # Role to use when determining “My” tickets
By the the line:
$SortByRole => ‘Watcher’ # Role to use when determining “My” tickets

If another solution is avaible (not hardcoded in the core), i will be happy to give a try.

Kind regard,

We do something similar, but we don’t modify SelfService/Elements/MyRequests
directly. Instead we have two callbacks:


These are actually the same file linked together, and the file contains the
the following:

%# Callback to make “Watcher” the SortByRole for SelfService pages instead of
%# the default value of “Requestor”. This allows SelfService to list tickets
%# that they have a Cc, AdminCc or EcsUsers role on. The latter is a local
%# CustomRole that allows a user to see tickets they submitted using alternate
%# email addresses.
$ARGSRef => undef
$ARGSRef->{SortByRole} = “Watcher”;

I think that the RT4 SelfService explicitly queried for rather than $ - I’m not sure why this behaviour was changed?

It might be nice if the SortByRole variable in SelfService/Elements/MyRequests was exposed as a config setting. But what we have works well enough for us so I never bothered looking at implementing that…


Thank for sharing this, i will give a try on RT5.0.5.