RT5 SelfService show CC tickets


summary: just migrated from RT4.4 to RT5, and now in SelfService users can’t see tickets for which they are CC (but not Requestor) in the list anymore, and they are complaining.

We have several support queues for each customers.
for each queue, a group of users is CC (so they receive emails), and have the ShowTicket right on the queue (so that they could see it in SelfService).
this setup works fine for us.

after the upgrade, several users complained that now in SelfService they can only see the tickets they submitted, not those submitted by other users.

I tried logging in as a customer and changing the ticket id in the display page to that of an ticket submitted by another user in the same queue, and it was shown normaly, but it just doesn’t appear in the list.

then the issue seems to be that the “My Open Tickets” in the SelfService only shows tickets for which the current user is requestor.

I tried setting SelfServiceShowGroupTickets and SelfServiceUseDashboard, in RT_Siteconfig.pm, but there was no change on the SelfService interface.

suggests to edit rt/html/SelfService/Elements/MyRequests and change a condition, but that code dates back to 2012, and current code is totally different.

any hint on how to restore the old SelfService behaviour?



Did you edit the RT_SiteConfig.pm after setting up RT5? You might find you have it cached in the database now and have to use the web admin interface to alter the settings (one slightly annoying change in RT5 IMHO that we coded around, as we like our configs in the files under version control).

yes I changed RT_Siteconfig after setting up RT5, then restarted the web server.

in Admin/Tools/Configuration.html I see all the changes I performed.
also, I set HideTimeFieldsFromUnprivilegedUsers and it was applied to the selfservice page.

so it would seem that my changes in RT_Siteconfig get applied.

solved by brute force attempt.

the solution seems to work correctly: SelfService users now see all tickets for which they are Cc.

I would appreciate if anybody from RT team could validate it.

share/html/SelfService/Elements# diff -c MyRequests.orig MyRequests
*** MyRequests.orig 2022-02-08 18:15:43.045071112 +0100
— MyRequests 2022-02-10 12:28:19.292086016 +0100

*** 82,86 ****
@Order => (‘ASC’)
@OrderBy => (‘Created’)
$Rows => 50
! $SortByRole => ‘Requestor’ # Role to use when determining “My” tickets
— 82,86 ----
@Order => (‘ASC’)
@OrderBy => (‘Created’)
$Rows => 50
! $SortByRole => ‘Cc’ # Role to use when determining “My” tickets

rm -rf var/mason_data/obj/*

Watcher is Requestor + CC !
for me a much better choice