Article with custom field of type Upload one file


given issues with Wikitext fields not working as expected on 4.4.1 and poor Articles implementation in general, I decided to start using an “Upload one file” custom field for articles in order to manage my articles in seperated documents that I can then attach to articles.

However the issue here now is when replying and selecting an article, the document won’t get attached. At this point I’m starting to think that Articles is really not a thing in RT and I’m being very much disappointed.

Anyone knows if this is possibly coming from a mis-configuration or by design?


If you are okay with switching to HTML content instead of Wiki content I know articles had a recent feature added where you can have HTML content:


thanks for the suggestion but there is no HTML custom field for 4.4.1. Or is your suggestion to write HTML code in a text area so that it displays well in the email?


Right if you have some boiler plate text that you’d like styled than this could work. I have not tried wiki text in email before but I would think that other email clients may not render it, HTML is supported by most clients as far as I know.

Thanks. Maybe this HTML character escape is what has been bothering me when I replaced the Article Wiki custom field by a CKEditor Richtext field. It was working fine until Modifying articles. When doing so, the HTML Code was displayed in the CKEditor richtext field instead of the formatted text. Same thing was happening when adding the article to a reply…

I still prefer the custom File field in the end as it allows to easily embed images. I’ll see if I can make the attachment work when replying a ticket…