Article content - reply/comment case

I have been trying to create articles for the purpose of easily replying to requesters with an article answer.

Basically, I have several topics and articles within those topics.
When replying/comment on some ticket, I am able to see the option to select topics (a small drop-down box above the reply/comment case). When I do that, the page quickly reloads and I am able to see another drop down box to select the actually article which I want to choose. The problem is, I haven’t found a way to configure the article in way that its content is automatically put in the reply/comment case.

When configuring an article, I can choose the name, description, but the actual “content” case is empty. I had a to create a custom field(text area) and associate it with that article. After that, I added the actual content of the article. However, when selecting an article configured as such in the reply/comment action of some ticket, its content still does not appear on the reply/comment box. The page quickly reloads and the reply/comment box remains empty.

I read the guide about articles creation here: Articles - Request Tracker Wiki, which helped a lot.

I also had a look at similar topics here on the forum. The most similar post I found was this one:RT 4.0.2 articles - How to set RT not to put Article info upon including?, but it is however not related to my problem.

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we are having the same problem.

did you find the solution? thanks