You can use emojis in your dashboard names 👷

Just copy’n’paste from the browser column ->


And not only there :wink: Thanks for the hint, RT can look so much better


That looks great! Any chance you could post a few basic steps on how to achieve that? Was it done by adjusting CSS?

@Torsten_Brumm2 adjusted his localisation files, I just copy’n’pasted the emojis into the dashboard name ->

From share/po/en.po

#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:523 share/html/m/_elements/header:69
msgid "Homepage"
msgstr “🏠Home”

#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:570
msgid "Search"
msgstr “🔍 Search”

#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:585
msgid "Articles"
msgstr “📕 Articles”

#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:593
msgid "Assets"
msgstr “💻 Assets”

#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:598
msgid "Tools"
msgstr “🔧 Tools”

#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:631 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1142
msgid "Logged in as %1"
msgstr “👦 Logged in as %1”

#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:64
msgid "Admin"
msgstr “👨‍🔧 Admin”

#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Modify.html:65 share/html/Elements/RT__CustomField/ColumnMap:88 share/html/Elements/RT__Scrip/ColumnMap:58 share/html/Elements/RT__Template/ColumnMap:69 share/html/Elements/ShortcutHelp:58 share/html/Elements/Tabs:121
msgid "Global"
msgstr “🌏 Global”

#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditScrips:53 share/html/Elements/Tabs:112 share/html/Elements/Tabs:127 share/html/Elements/Tabs:330 share/html/Elements/Tabs:450
msgid "Scrips"
msgstr “📜 Scrips”

#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:135 share/html/Elements/Tabs:326
msgid "Templates"
msgstr “📝 Templates”

#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:668
msgid "Logout"
msgstr “🚪 Logout”

Not working for me … at least in RT 4.2.13.
If I paste any icon and save it the empty value is saved instead … or did I misunderstood the locating where this has to be changed (I tried to change the name under the “Basics” in “Modify the dashboard”)

You’re in the same menu as me and I’m on 4.2.12 so it should work for you…