Yes <eom> (fwd)

If I ever manage to lose the weight I put on in 18 months of be $PHB and
having no life, I am really going to have to go shopping for some
PVC. - Skud, the other place.

Skud in PVC? Thats too strong an image this early in the morning. But its
a damm good image.[1]

( Or in other words, the subject line is for introducing a topic, and the
body of the message is actually for asking the question. The URL to a
stats package can be found by purusing the list archives. )

                         Bruce Campbell                            RIPE
               Systems/Network Engineer                             NCC
    - PGP562C8B1B                      Operations

[1] And if you don’t know who Skud is, you poor poor lad. :wink: