Wrong value show in ticket history while creating a new ticket from GUI


When i create a ticket from web GUI, i put the requestor adresse mail, message and attachement, then i validate.

I return on history page and the header “To:” in the transaction show the “Reply-To:” header from the mail sending to the user, not the “To:” header. It show the address email attached to the queue and not the requestor mail.

Of the user point of view it can be disturbing to not see if the mail is really exiting to the reciptients.

I havent found where i can change that. I have try to bruteforce the file /opt/rt5/share/html/Elements/ShowMessageHeaders with chatgpt without success.

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I understand that the first transaction is always From de user To RT. Is it so disturbing for your users?


Exactly as IT guy i understand why RT show that. But for users, they want to “see” where is going the mail from the transaction. It reassures users to have this information.

The mail you refers to is in the next transaction, isn’t it? Can’t they see it? I don’t know if it’s possible to show its content like in the ticket creation entry.

Hi, I refer to the very first transaction “Ticket created”
The “To” headers is the mail from the queue and not the requestor.

The followings transactions and mail exchanges show the good information with the requestor email in the “To” field.

When this first transaction is created from Web GUI, the “To” field show the queue address(that how RT work) and then RT send a correspondence to the requestor (or other person depend on scrip configured for “on create” condition).

The effective outgoing mail transaction can be see right after the “ticket created” in the “outgoing email recorded” transaction. In the details we can see this one have good headers (as it’s the real outgoing mail).

From the users point of view they think sending an email to the requestor, not to the plateform and can panic if they not see the requestor mail address in the “To” field in the “ticket created” transaction.

It’s not an emergency or the bug, is more about looknfeel and happy users.

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Yes, I understand what you’re meaning, but sometimes dealing with different points of view is not worth enough.

I haven’t heard any user complaining about this detail in the header, which is correct for me, they usually take care about the content.

I don’t know what think about this RT developers, but I believe it’s not easy to change in any way without side effects when creating a ticket.