Wrong queue when starting investigation

Hello community,

I’m having a hard time getting RTIR 5.0.1 to do what I want and help is appreciated.

When I’m in an Incident ticket, I usually want to start an investigation.
The right side of the Incident ticket view offers to create an Incident Report, Investigations and Countermeasures.

Now the problem: If I click on ‘Launch’ at Investigations, a new form opens, but the pre-selected queue is ‘Incidents’ instead of ‘Investigations’. The operator has to manually change from ‘Incidents’ queue to ‘Investigations’, which is redundant and makes no sense.
Interestingly, the Launch action URL is:
while it could be
and everything would be ok.

My questions:
Is this a bug, since I know the behaviour in RT 4 was different?
Is there something configurable (e.g. via lifecycles) that I don’t find?

Thanks for your feedback,

If you go to Admin->Queues what lifecycle is the Investigations queue using?

Investigations uses ‘investigations’

Any other idea how to debug and/or solve this problem would be appreciated!

This is the correct URL and that should set the Queue on the RTIR create page to Investigations. You said the user can change the queue to Investigations manually, so it doesn’t seem like a permissions issue.

Is this an upgrade from RTIR 4? I’m wondering if something didn’t get completely cleared (files or cache) on upgrade.

Hi Jim - and thanks for your input.
This is a fresh installation, no historic data imported, no upgrade scripts were used.
I cherry picked parts of the configuration of a previous (RT4) installation. Could there be the cause of the issue?