Wreq 2.7 -> RT 3 conversion


I’ve searched and found several references to utilities like req2rt and
reqtort, but only found the source for one:


Is this considered the current “best practice” for converting wreq
tickets to into RT? I don’t see any official instructions for converting
other tracking system data into RT, so I assume that using scripts like
reqtort is the only option.

Any info would be appreciated.


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You can find the original source for req2rt at

I haven’t supported it in years… It only supports migrating tickets
from REQ to RT v1.x (or prior).

Usually it is difficult to migrate from one tracking system to another
due to the extreme differences in the database formats and structures,
and it required a GOOD understanding of BOTH database formats and
structures in order to have a good and clean migration. Usually, the
focus is more on internally developing the application rather than
reverse engineering other applications…

Unfortunately, that leaves the development of migration utilities to the


Martin C. Messer wrote: