Working within an exchange environment

Hi All,

I’ve been following RT3 development for a while now and happily
installed it under redhat8 yesterday. The web interface is working
wonderfully. Now here’s my problem:

We use exchange as our mail system, and I cannot find clear instructions
on how to implement RT in this environment. It’s perfectly ok for the
Linux box to send email (as long as the reply to goes to exchange), but
what I’m not sure is how to install the mail gateway so that RT can
receive email’s from exchange.

I think I need to:

1-Make exchange forward mail to the rt machine
2-(somehow) have rt check those emails
3-have rt send emails with a reply-to: and/or from: the exchange account
(even though they are coming from the rt box)

That sounds simple enough, but I’m somewhat clueless. Any ideas or




Our company uses Exchange (W2K Server) and RT (FreeBSD 5) in the
following way.
All mail for our corporate domain ( goes to Xchange.
Our DNS servers have another MX record for 3rd level domain which points to our RT server behind firewall.
Every RT queue has its own mail address
Sendmail serves as our MTA on RT machine.
Outgoing mail passes through default relay (Xchnge server).

Everything is very simple, transparent and reliable (except Xchnage :).

Hope this helps,