Working on Approvals

Hi everyone,

I’m working on RT 3.6.6’s approvals, and since ticket approvals are the
exceptions in our processes, I’ve decided to use a new status for them
called ‘approvlreq’. I also inserted a new action in the DB to allow for
an On ApprovlReq scrip:

On ApprovlReq Create Tickets with template Create Approval

Create Approval:
===Create-Ticket: management-approval
Queue: ___Approvals
Type: approval
AdminCc: {
my $groupname = ‘Approval’;
my $groups = RT::Groups->new( $RT::SystemUser );
‘FIELD’ => ‘Name’,
‘OPERATOR’ => ‘=’,
‘VALUE’ => $groupname );
DependedOnBy: {$Tickets{“TOP”}->Id}
RefersTo: {$Tickets{“TOP”}->Id}
CustomField1: {$Tickets{‘TOP’}->FirstCustomFieldValue(‘1’)}
CustomField5: {$Tickets{‘TOP’}->FirstCustomFieldValue(‘5’)}
ContentType: text/plain


This is kinda working fine, except that when tickets are changed to
the approvlreq status, they don’t appear in the queue anymore - until
their status is changed back to new/open/etc. How can I have RT show
these tickets as active? BTW, my SiteConfig includes:

@ActiveStatus = qw(new approvlreq open stalled) unless @ActiveStatus;
@InactiveStatus = qw(resolved rejected deleted) unless @InactiveStatus;

I would have thought this was enough to tell RT that an approvlreq
status was an ‘active’ ticket, and therefore should be show… I’m
missing something, obviously. :slight_smile:

Jean-Sebastien Morisset, Sr. UNIX Administrator