WikiFormat guide for RTFM

I wrote a guide for the WikiFormat rules used by RTFM. I know many people
have asked this in the past, including me. I finally broke down and
analyzed I wrote this guide, which I will add to the wiki
page on Monday. Any ways, I hope that this helps other users that are
having problems with Wiki.

WikiFormat Rules and Usage for RTFM

RTFM uses a special formatting language called WikiFormat. This language is
a quick way to create a professional looking page in HTML with no knowledge
of HTML. This guide will provide a cheat sheet for using Text::WikiFormat,
as well as some underlying code changes that can be made to modify the way
the text is formatted.

WikiFormat Options

By default, RTFM’s WikiFormat uses the following rules, which may be added
or modified by modifying /path/to/RT/lib/RT/FM/,
line 100ish (search for ‘my %wiki_options’)

prefix => ‘Display.html?Class=’.$self->ArticleObj->ClassObj->id.’&Name='
The prefix of any links. In HTML mode, this is the path to the
Wiki. The actual linked item itself will be appended to the prefix. This is
used to create full URIs. You probably should not change this in RTFM.
extended => '1’
A boolean flag to use extended linking semantics. Links are marked
by square brackets. An optional title may occur after the link target,
preceded by an open pipe. That is to say, these are valid extended links:
[a valid link]
implicit_links => '1’
A boolean flag to cause links to be created wherever a
StudlyCapsString is seen. Note that if you disable this flag, you’ll most
likely be wanting to enable the extended one also, or there will be
no way of creating links in your documents.

WikiFormat Rules

I will do my best to cover all the rules of Text::WikiFormat. This list may
be incomplete, so feel free to add/modify as seen fit. Please note, spaces
matter in Wiki, if there is a space in the ruleset, odds are it is required
in Wiki. Also note, many html commands work in WikiFormat; I will not cover
many HTML rules.

Basic Text Rules:

Pressing enter will create a new line in the text
Extra spaces are disregarded in Wiki, multiple spaces will yield 1

= Headline =
Text within the = will be printed much larger than normal, and
will be colored
== Headline2 ==
This is a smaller headline. === will create an even small headline
’’’ strong ‘’‘
This will bold the text within the ‘’’
’’ emphasized ''
This will italics the text within the ''
This will create a line running the length of the screen.

Used to create a newline


All lists must be preceded with 4 or more spaces, or a tab. Wiki support
unordered and ordered lists.

Ordered List example:

  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2

a. Subitem 1
b. Subitem 2
3. Item 3

Unordered List example:

        * Unordered Item 1
        * Unordered Item 2
        * Unordered Item 3

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