Wierd thing while submittig tickets


I use RT 2 + enhanced-mailgate.

I created a user test with email address, etc. Submitting tickets from his
e-mail address works fine. But I try submitting tickets from different
e-mail addresses with:

RT-Requestor: test

at the beginning.

It works a little so to speak. The user test logs in and sees all the
submited tickets as his on the first screen. when I look at a ticket details
it shows only the tickets submited from one of the other e-mail address not
from all. The user details also show the e-mail created user.

It seems the the home scree filters based on the e-mail address belonging to
the user test and the detail view filters based on the sender e-mail
address. Is this so ?
If yes, is the a way to filter based on the logged in user�s e-mail address

Thank you

Andrei Gologan