Wide Characted Error

Hi All,

Can you anyone help me on below?

I am trying to fix it but with no luck.

Thank you so much.


Is the ‘CreateChildTicketIfTooOld’ a custom scrip?

Hi craig,


I applied the created Custom Scrip from the forum for our resolved tickets if it’s too old, it will create a new ticket.

Thank you.

Could you post the scrip or look if there is something there that might be causing the error

I think the #Get the ticket entry prepared.

Looks to me like the errors above and below the one highlighted in red indicate that there’s an I18N character encoding issue in the data. The data stream is being flagged as UTF-8 but it isn’t. The RT::I18N module is trying to “guess” the charset encoding but can’t so its falling back to tagging it as application/octet-stream MIME type.

How can I fix this Sir GreenJimll as this affects the response of the system?

Not sure - its a custom script after all. The error is being thrown (and caught) from line 113 of that script which is (if I’m reading your image of the text of the script right):


You could try commenting that line out, however I think RT is doing the right thing if things in the emails are marked as UTF-8 but aren’t really. Is the trapped error causing issues elsewhere?

The error just causing the system to respond slowly.