Why do some users have a top menu and some a side menu?

Currently, our setup has all rights granted to the Privileged users. I’m in the process of changing this to grant rights through global group rights and attaching groups to queues using the View Queue rights.

Everything is working as expected except some users have a three columns in the Home layout with a fully expanded side menu in the first column and no top menu. Other members in the same group have a somewhat different layout with a top menu and drop down sub menu items, This is the view we have had for everyone up to date.

None of the rights are different for these users, the menu layout seems to be random between users but consistent for each user. I am testing by signing in as different users and using the same Firefox browser so it is not browser specific.

Can anyone shed any light on why this is happening?

Which version of RT? What are some of the menu options that some of the users do not have?

My version is 4.4.

Different users in the same group have different home pages.
These are the rights the group does not have.

  • See assets ShowAsset
  • See catalogs ShowCatalog
  • Sign up as a ticket Requestor or ticket or queue Cc Watch
  • View custom field values SeeCustomField
  • View queue
  • Add custom field values only at object creation time
  • Create assets
  • Disable articles in this class DisableArticle
  • Forward messages outside of RT ForwardMessage
  • Join or leave group ModifyOwnMembership
  • Modify articles in this class ModifyArticle
  • Modify assets ModifyAsset
  • Modify custom field values
  • Show Assets menu
  • Show history of public user properties
  • View exact outgoing email messages and their recipients
  • Allow writing Perl code in templates, scrips, etc ExecuteCode
  • Assign and remove queue custom fields
  • Create system dashboards CreateDashboard
  • Create, modify and delete Access Control List entries ModifyACL
  • Create, modify and delete custom fields AdminCustomField
  • Create, modify and delete custom fields values AdminCustomFieldValues
  • Create, modify and delete custom roles AdminCustomRoles
  • Create, modify and delete queue
  • Create, modify and delete users AdminUsers
  • Create, modify, and disable catalogs AdminCatalog
  • Delete group dashboards DeleteGroupDashboard
  • Delete system dashboards
  • Do anything and everything SuperUser
  • Modify Scrip templates ModifyTemplate
  • Modify Scrips
  • Modify group membership roster AdminGroupMembership
  • Modify group metadata or delete group AdminGroup
  • Modify metadata and custom fields for this class AdminClass
  • Modify queue watchers ModifyQueueWatchers
  • Modify system dashboards
  • Show Admin menu ShowConfigTab
  • Show Approvals tab ShowApprovalsTab
  • View Scrip templates ShowTemplate
  • View Scrips

They have different portlets on their “RT at a glance” page or different menu options in the top main menu?

No, I set RT at a glance to default for each of the users. Some of the users don’t have a top main menu, it is at the side and expanded in a tree view. That view I’d like to remove. As far as I can tell every user has identical rights but different home pages.

Are these real users or test users? The menu being at the side of the display sounds like an older theme, maybe in the user prefs page the users changed their theme?

You can also check what the global default theme is set to:


I am using a copy of the database in a test install. One of the users with the side menu view is one of the newest users. They are all staff. Thanks for the link I will study that document.

Previously we had no groups at all and all rights set at the Privileged user level. Now I have divided the users into groups. The only queue group right for each queue is View Queue.

The user prefs theme was the problem. Thank you so much!