WhoHasRightToWhat - Special New Edition

If you saw my post to rt-users and would like to see what’s changed,
RTx-RightsMatrix is available at:


It’s not tested enough for production, but if you have a
dev environment it is easy enough to install and play
with. I am looking for feedback, so have at it.

One note: Don’t use it in production. I override one method of
RT::Principal (because sometimes 1 is 0) and have not ran
RT’s regressions tests with the patch.

I think you’ll really like it if you have ever descended into
the rabbit hole of rights scattered throughout RT’s interface.

Oh, and I added rights editing too. 5 minutes ago I had to modify
the rights of 10 custom fields in our production RT. Hello Firefox
tabs! If RTx-RightsMatrix was ready it would have been an order
of magnitude faster to do.