Where to insert the AutogeneratedPasswordtemplate text?

Matthew, you want to modify the scrip for AutoReply, it’s going to be
accessible here:

In RT’s webpage after you’ve logged in with the appropriate account:


No need to monkey with the file system or restart the webserver.


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At 7/13/2005 09:52 PM, Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu wrote:

Does that help?

Thanks very much for the reply; unfortunately, I still do not know how
to proceed with updating my RT server to change the content of the
auto-generated emails.

I understand many of the things written below (except maybe the part
about Scrips). I get the general concept. I understand what it’s


Which file? What procedure? Where do I change the text and what must I
do to get my system to update once I do make the appropriate changes?

I have installed an entire, working, RT system by myself, so it’s not
like I don’t have some feel for this software.

For what it’s worth, I updated the ‘Autoreply’ portion of
/usr/local/rt3/etc/initialdata (my install is in /usr/local/rt3 and not
/opt/rt3) with the template found at
Request Tracker Wiki . I
rebooted my Apache server. No change in outbound email content
(outbound email still has the old, default content, no new links, even
when I send from an email account that’s not previously registered in
the database/system).

What file must I change, what procedure must I follow, etc?

We have a Support queue in which we’ve created an auto reply template.

What exactly does this mean in terms of the nuts and bolts of a file
sytem, a web page, what? What interface? Which file? Which URL?

Still searching…


At 7/13/2005 09:52 PM, Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu wrote: