Where did CustomFieldsOnUpdate go in RT 5.0.0?


Thank you for a new release of RT. It looks good! We have installed it on a test server and are now doing the evaluation.

What we are missing is the extension RT::Extension::CustomFieldsOnUpdate. We have tried to deploy it but “perl Makefile.PL” says:

**** Error: Your installed version of RT (5.0.0) is too new; this extension
only works with versions older than 4.6.0."

Basically what we need is to update some custom fields when replying to a ticket. Below an attachment from our RT 4.4.4. production installation.

As you can see we have implemented e.g. customer fields Customer, ITIL-tags och CI.

Is this behavior possible with RT 5.0.0? Can we achieve this without installing the extension? If not, what are the plans for an updated extension compatible with RT 5.0.0?

Thanks in advance,

You can try editing in the Makefile.PL the rt_too_new config value and set it to some value higher than RT5 and installing the extension. Since it hasn’t officially been updated yet there could potentially be an error but there is a good chance it’ll just work!

Brilliant, It worked.

Thanks again!