Where are Queue-level AdinCC's stored in the RT database?

Hi there

I’m hoping someone can help me. I have a requirement as follows:

We have a queue that is managed during normal working hours by one set of people who watch it very closely and pick up tickets as and when required. Outside normal hours a separate team look after this queue and, because it is alongside other duties, tend not to be as diligent.

I am looking for a way to set this separate group of “out of hours” people up to be AdminCC’s on the queue but only between certain times of day, on certain days of the week. I can’t fathom out how to do this in a scrip, so thought the best way would be to run a job at set times of day that would insert a row into the underlying RT database making this group of users an AdminCC on that queue. At other times of day I would remove that row.

Surely its just a case of cronning a job that does something like:

insert into xyztab values (:queue_id, :group_id, ‘Admincc’) … or something similar once I can fathom out the data model !

So - does anyone know where RT stores this internally? I have looked at all the tables and can’t work it out.

Alternatively, if someone has a better way of achieving the same result then I’m open to all suggestions.

Thanks in advance



Not that I think you need to do this, but an easier way might be to set 

up a group with all the rights you want them to have (globaly) and then
either disable them in the morning and re-enable them at night or have a
job do that. Easier and less risk than playing with tables and directories.


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