WhatsApp Integration

Hi all,

I’m looking into building a WhatsApp→RT gateway. Many of our customers prefer to chat with our support engineers on WhatsApp and it’s a pain getting the engineers to copy their discussions into RT.

The idea is that a single WhatsApp account represents RT. This account can be included in WhatsApp chat-groups. A dæmon monitors the account (via the WhatsApp API) and creates a ticket (via RT’s REST interface) for each unique chat-group name. All activity in the chat is then posted as RT correspondence items into the appropriate ticket.

Has anyone done or tried this? Any thoughts or pitfalls to be aware of?


Hey there,

I’ve thought about doing something similar but using chatwoot as the integration point to RT. Chatwoot supports Whatsapp messaging (and others). I haven’t done any work towards making it work but thought I’d share that idea with you in case you hadn’t seen it. If you progress your idea please share in the forum… :slight_smile: