What's the process for sending emails to RT from a React app?

I’m a React developer who’s new to working with RT, and I’m facing challenges in comprehending the process of sending emails from our frontend app to the RT queues. While I’ve used email services like EmailJS in the past, they typically work with larger email hosts like Google and Microsoft, not email addresses provided by RT. I’d greatly appreciate any guidance in the right direction.

RT just works with email. RT polls mailboxes and then picks up the mail & decides how it should be processed. What specifically are you struggling with?

Alternatively you may be interested in using some middleware and use the REST 2 API provided by RT. But just sending an email is easier if you want to create a ticket, that is how many web forms create tickets in RT installations.

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While EmailJS may not be directly compatible with RT, you can explore other JavaScript libraries or methods to send emails from your React application. Consider using a library like nodemailer or exploring the email sending capabilities of your backend server.

I find it hard to believe that EmailJS is incompatible with RT. It’s just email…

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