What versions of PostgreSQL 9.0 and later are supported for RT 4.X and 5.X?

RT 4.4.2 currently supports Postgres 8.4 or later; 9.0 or later. RT 5.0.4 currently supports Postgres 9.5 or later. What is the interpretation of “9.0 or later”. Does that mean I can select the latest major version of Postgres 13, 14, or 15?

I am trying to roll out RT into AWS RDS, but "RDS for PostgreSQL 9.5 is deprecated as of March, 2021.” and “PostgreSQL major version 10 will be deprecated on 17 April 2023.”

Supported PostgreSQL versions on Amazon RDS

I am running RT 5.03 on PostgreSQL 15 and it’s working fine.

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I run RT 5.0.4 with PostgreSQL 13 on Debian 11, it work perfectly.

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