What version of mod perl should I use


I hope this is the correct list to post this question.

I would like to install RT ver 3.2.1 and have gone over the readme file.

I have redhat linux 9 for the pc with:

perl 5.8.0
mysql 3.23.54
apache 2.0.40

I know I need to upgrade various components, but I would just like a
clarification on the notes from the readme file:

    mod_perl 2.0 isn't quite ready for prime_time just yet;
    Best Practical Solutions strongly recommends that sites use
    Apache 1.3 or FastCGI.

    Compiling mod_perl on Apache 1.3.x as a DSO has been known
     to have massive stability problems and is not recommended.

    mod_perl 1.x must be build with EVERYTHING=1

Does this mean I can use Apache 2.0.40 and use mod_perl 1.x?

If I need to use Fastcgi, which version should I use?