What right? "My open tickets" in SelfService

RT 4.4.2

Hi all, I’ve been struggling for over an hour now on this. Any help to determine what the proper right to assign for the following would be greatly appreciated.

While logged in as a privileged user viewing /SelfService, looking at “My open tickets”, I cannot see the 3 test tickets that I created as that same in user (created view “New ticket” button). The “My open tickets” pane is completely empty. If I enter any of the 3 ticket numbers in the “Go to ticket” box in the upper right of the web UI, I can see them.

I have even gone so far as to test with ALL “General” and “Staff” global rights turned on for group “Privileged” and “Unprivileged”. I was stunned to see that that did not even gain me anything.

Turns out this is the ShowTicket right at the Queue level. I can’t explain why ShowTicket at the Global level did not work.