What is the use of AdminCC?

I still don’t know what AdminCC is supposed to be used to.

We have a couple of diffrent logical roles in the “workflow” for a

  • (External) Requestor
  • Persons to notify with new requests
  • Owner
  • Persons to notify with resolved requests

That is. Some tickets should be sent to a person (or other queue) for
billing or other action.

Ok. RT2 may not have been constructed for workflow. But it could be
useful as a workflow tool.

Each stage in a workflow should be one queue. There should be scrip
actions to send a ticket to a new queue then the ticket was resolved.

Another they to do it would be to have more groups. I used AdminCC as
the group of persons to be notified with new jobs. But there can be
other groups of persons that should be notified on other events, like
resolve or que change or maby on the setting of special keyword

Yes, I know. More ideas. I may do some of these things myself. But
the question stands:

What was the idea behind AdminCC?

/ Jonas - Jonas Liljegren

Most sites I’ve dealt with have a set of folks who are responsible for
dealing with issues within a given queue. These are the sorts
of folks who should get mail about all correspondence and comments.
They’re the folks that I’d set up as administrative CCs.On Mon, May 21, 2001 at 04:58:42PM +0200, Jonas Liljegren wrote:

I still don’t know what AdminCC is supposed to be used to.

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